Best PrestaShop Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway 2024

Choosing the best cryptocurrency payment gateway for your PrestaShop store depends on your specific needs. XAIGATE is the Global Crypto Payment Gateway for PrestaShop Website. Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance (BSC), Tron, Dogecoin, USDT, USDC, LINK, etc.

XaiGate is #1 PrestaShop Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway 2024

The world of cryptocurrency payments is burgeoning, and your PrestaShop store can capitalize on this trend. But with a plethora of options, choosing the ideal cryptocurrency payment gateway can be overwhelming. XAIGATE - The Best Crypto Payment Gateway Processor on PrestaShop. We offer to you a possibility to accept payments on PrestaShop worldwide in the most popular cryptocurrencies *BTC*USDT*ETH*LINK*LTC*DOGE*USDC* and many others.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for PrestaShop Website

There are many reasons why businesses choose XAIGATE as their cryptocurrency payment gateway on PrestaShop website. Here are just a few:

– To increase sales: Accepting cryptocurrency payments can help businesses increase sales by attracting new customers and making it easier for existing customers to pay for goods and services.
– To reduce costs: Cryptocurrency payments are processed much faster than traditional payments, which can save businesses money on processing fees.
– To expand their global reach: PrestaShop Cryptocurrency payments can be accepted from customers all over the world, which can help businesses expand their global reach and reach new customers.
– To protect their business from fraud: XAIGATE uses advanced security measures to protect businesses from fraud and theft.

Accept Crypto Payments with PrestaShop Plugin

PATH: Sidebar > Modules > Module manager > Upload a module > Select File >

  1. You need to download the zip file from this github repo extract it.
  2. Then open the extracted folder and find a folder named prestashop-master. Then rename it to xaigate and compress it.
  3. Now go to Prestashop’s admin panel sidebar section.

Setup Xaigate’s PrestaShop plugin

  1. You’ll get two choices “Module manager” and “Module Catalog” under the Module section.
  2. Click “Module Manager”.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for PrestaShop Website

  7. A window will be opened which will show the message “Upload a module”.

Accept Crypto Payments with PrestaShop Plugin8. Now select the xaigate.zip file and upload it.

9. The plugin installation is completed successfully.

Configuration of PrestaShop Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Plugin

PATH: Sidebar > Modules > Module manager > Other section > Coinremitter plugin > Configure > SAVE

  1. Go to the sidebar of Prestashop’s admin panel.
  2. Click the “Modules” option and select Module Manager.
  3. Now, you will need to locate the “Other” section in the module manager list.
  4. You’ll find a “XAIGATE” plugin there.

Setup Xaigate’s PrestaShop plugin 6. Click “Configure” at the end of the same line. 

 7. The configure settings page will be opened. Setup Xaigate’s PrestaShop plugin You will need to fill up the details according to your preferences here:

  • APIKey: You’ll need to obtain an API Key from your Xaigate project settings. Access the Credential page of your Xaigate dashboard to retrieve your API Key: https://wallet.xaigate.com/merchant/credential
  • Shop name: Enter your shop name.
  • Order state: The status of the order in your store after creation.
  • Successful payment status: The status of the order in your store after successful payment.
  • Failed payment status: The status of the order in your store after failed payment.
  • That’s all, save the setting.

Accept Crypto Payments with PrestaShop Bitcoin plugin

The world of finance is evolving, and your PrestaShop store can keep pace! Embrace the future of payments by integrating a Bitcoin plugin, allowing you to accept Bitcoin and potentially other cryptocurrencies directly on your platform. This opens doors to a tech-savvy customer base who prefers the speed, security, and convenience of crypto payment gateway.

Simple Setup, Big Benefits:

Adding a Bitcoin plugin is a breeze. Here’s what you get:

  • Streamlined Checkout: Customers can pay directly with their preferred crypto wallet, eliminating the need for traditional cards or bank transfers.
  • Expanded Customer Reach: Attract a new audience of crypto enthusiasts who are comfortable with digital payments.
  • Enhanced Security: Crypto transactions are known for their robust security protocols, offering peace of mind for both you and your customers.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments On Prestashop

1. Choose a Crypto Payment Gateway:

PrestaShop itself doesn’t directly process crypto payments. You’ll need a third-party crypto payment gateway that acts as an intermediary between your store and the cryptocurrency network. XAIGATE is best crypto payment gateway on PrestaShop. These gateways offer plugins specifically designed for PrestaShop.

2. Install the Payment Gateway Plugin:

Once you’ve chosen a gateway, locate their corresponding plugin for PrestaShop in the PrestaShop marketplace. Download the plugin and upload it to your PrestaShop admin panel. The installation process might vary slightly depending on the specific plugin, but it usually involves selecting the file type and clicking install.

3. Configure the Plugin Settings:

After installation, head to the plugin’s settings page in your Prestashop admin. Here you’ll typically configure details like:

  • API Key: Provided by your chosen crypto payment gateway.
  • Payment Method Name: How the crypto payment option will appear at checkout (e.g., Bitcoin Payments).
  • Invoice Lifetime: How long an invoice generated for the crypto purchase remains valid.
  • Order Statuses: Define which order statuses correspond to successful crypto payments.

4. Enable and Save:

Once you’ve filled in the necessary details, enable the plugin and save the configuration. This makes the crypto payment option available to your customers during checkout.

Trusted by businesses of all sizes to enable growth.

If you are a business owner and are interested in accepting cryptocurrency payments, I encourage you to check out XAIGATE. It is a great way to start accepting cryptocurrency payments and enjoy the benefits that us offer.

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