Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

This agreement outlines the terms and conditions ("Terms") for using XAIGATE's services. These services include any products, features, technologies, or functionalities offered by XAIGATE through its website or API ("Services"). By using the Services, you, the merchant ("you"), and the person signing this agreement on your behalf, agree to be bound by these Terms. Please read them carefully. Your continued use of the Services signifies your acceptance of these Terms.

Accept Crypto Payments with XAIGATE

XAIGATE isn’t your typical cryptocurrency platform. We’re a payment processor, meaning you can seamlessly accept crypto as payment for your goods or services. Think of us as your middleman – we handle the conversion and transfer of those crypto payments from your customers to your preferred currency (except your local one). We’re not here to help you buy or sell crypto, just accept it with ease.

But there’s a catch: our services are exclusive to businesses and registered charities accepting donations. Why? Because we want to ensure a safe and reliable experience for everyone involved.

By using XAIGATE, you trust us to act on your behalf. We’ll receive, hold, and send your funds, taking all necessary steps to comply with the law and keep your money secure. Think of it as a virtual handshake – your customer’s payment to XAIGATE is the same as paying you directly, and their debt is settled.

So, ditch the hassle of managing crypto yourself and let XAIGATE handle it. We’re here to simplify your business and accept crypto payments with confidence.

Who Can Use XAIGATE and What You Agree To:

You must be of legal age (18+) and authorized to sign this agreement: This binds you, the merchant, to these terms.

XAIGATE lets you accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: We act as a gateway, processing payments from your customers.

You agree to use our service as outlined and pay the fees: This includes following all our terms and conditions, including the processing fees.

You trust us to handle your crypto: We can receive, hold, and release funds on your behalf, complying with all relevant laws.

Customer payments settle your debt: When they pay XAIGATE, it’s the same as paying you directly. Their obligation is fulfilled.

1. Your XAIGATE Merchant Account

1.1 Setting Up Your Account:

  • Welcome to XAIGATE! To use our services, you’ll need a merchant account.
  • We’ll ask for basic info like your name, contact details, and business specifics (legal name, address, website). Be accurate, as we might verify it later.
  • We may also check your background using credit bureaus or ID services.
  • Give us the right info, or we might reject your account or even close it later.

1.2 Password Power:

  • You choose a password during signup. Keep it secret, like Fort Knox!
  • You’re responsible for anything that happens using your account or password.
  • If someone else gets your info and uses it, we’re not responsible for any losses.
  • If you suspect unauthorized access, tell us right away!

1.3 Transaction Limits:

  • We have daily and yearly limits on how much you can process.
  • Choose a free or premium plan when you sign up, which affects your limits.
  • We might adjust your limits based on our risk assessment of your business.

1.4 Third-Party Playground:

  • You might see offers from other companies on our platform.
  • Use them at your own risk! We’re not responsible for their services or terms.
  • Read their terms carefully before diving in.

1.5 Security Measures:

  • We take security seriously and use measures to protect your info.
  • But we can’t guarantee nobody will ever access it. You provide your info at your own risk.

2. Your Data and Privacy

To keep your business running smoothly, we might need to share some of your XAIGATE account information with other companies. This could include things like your name, contact details, and business info. But rest assured, we only share what you provided when you created your account – nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, sharing any data comes with some risk. That’s why we encourage you to carefully read our Disclaimer & Risk Warning. It’ll explain everything in more detail and help you understand how your information is used and protected.

3. Account Closures and Suspensions

We take the security and integrity of our platform seriously. That’s why we have the right to close or suspend your account under certain circumstances:


  • We’ll notify you via email or phone if we decide to close your account.
  • This could happen if you break our terms, pose a fraud risk, or give us false information.
  • We won’t be responsible for any losses you incur due to account closure.


  • We can also temporarily suspend your access to the Services if needed.
  • This might happen if we suspect suspicious activity, incomplete information, or inactivity for over a year.

What kind of businesses can’t use XAIGATE:

  • We don’t allow terrorist groups, hate groups, or illegal businesses.
  • Scam websites, pyramid schemes, and those promising unrealistic returns are also prohibited.

Suspicious activity:

  • If we see something fishy on your website or transactions, we might ask for more info.
  • In such cases, we may suspend your account without prior notice and even take legal action if necessary.

Remember, we want to keep XAIGATE a safe and trustworthy platform for everyone. By understanding these policies, you can help us achieve that goal.

4. Fees

We offer one simple plans to fit your needs: low processing fee of 0.2%, so you can focus on what matters most – your business! And the best part? No monthly fees, no hidden charges. Just transparent pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying.

5. Settlement

Once your customer pays, we’ll verify the transaction and add the funds to your account based on your preferences. But there’s a twist: you can’t choose your local currency. That’s because you’re dealing in crypto, which means the value can fluctuate. So, when you pick a currency to receive your money, you’re also taking on that currency’s ups and downs. For instance, if you choose Bitcoin, you’re basically betting that its value won’t suddenly drop.

6. Charge Changes

We might need to adjust our fees sometimes. This can happen when the price of cryptocurrencies gets a bit wild. We won’t need to tell you in advance if we make changes, but we’ll always update our fee schedule. By using our service or accepting a new fee schedule, you’re cool with us adjusting things as needed.

7. Discount Procedures

Forget discounts, think commissions! When you refer your merchant friends to XAIGATE, you’ll pocket a whopping 75% of our 0.2% transaction fee. That’s right, you’ll earn 0.2% on every single transaction they make – pure profit, straight into your account.

8. Intellectual Property

Hold on to your hats, Merchants! We own everything you see here at XAIGATE, from the content to the logos and trademarks. But don’t worry, we’re not stingy. This agreement grants you a special permission, just for you, to use our content while you’re using our services. It’s like a limited edition access pass, just for merchants like you.

9. Limitation of Liability

The company or any of its affiliates or vendors (or any officers, directors, employees or agents of the company or its affiliates or vendors) be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages (however or whenever arising), including, without limitation, damages for lost revenue, lost profits, anticipated profits, lost business or injury to business reputation, cost of procurement of substitute services, under any theory of liability or cause of action whether in tort (including negligence), contract or otherwise, regardless of whether it has been advised of the possibility of such damages;

The company’s total liability to the merchant, whether arising in tort (including negligence), contract or otherwise, under this agreement or concerning any the company products or services, exceed the aggregate compensation the company received for providing the service to the merchant during the six (6) months preceding the date on which the claim arose.

10. Confidential Information

Keeping Secrets: When you share confidential information with us (the Disclosing Party), we (the Receiving Party) promise to keep it under lock and key. We’ll treat it with the same care we give our own top-secret stuff, using at least reasonable caution. We also pinky swear not to use your secrets for anything outside this agreement. And lastly, unless you say otherwise, we’ll only let people who absolutely need to access your info (like our employees or contractors) see it. They’ll also have to promise to keep it quiet, just like us.

Trusted by businesses of all sizes to enable growth.

If you are a business owner and are interested in accepting cryptocurrency payments, I encourage you to check out XAIGATE. It is a great way to start accepting cryptocurrency payments and enjoy the benefits that us offer.

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