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When a customer makes a cryptocurrency payment, the payment gateway converts the cryptocurrency to fiat currency instantly. So, how does cryptocurrency payment gateway work?

How Does Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Work
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How Does Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Work

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a service that allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers. Since cryptocurrency is a digital form of currencies, in order to accept crypto payments seamlessly, businesses need to use a crypto payment gateway service. A crypto payment gateway acts as an intermediary between consumers and merchants, handling the processing and settlement of cryptocurrency payments. Below, let’s learn how does cryptocurrency payment gateway work with the XAIGATE platform.

Step 1: Register Account

Create a XAIGATE account to process cryptocurrency transactions quickly and easily. You can sign up and start processing transactions without adding KYC or bank account information.

Step 2: Setup with APIs or Plugin

Set up your XAIGATE account by adding some necessary details, such as your business information and payment preferences. Explore the XAIGATE API to learn how to integrate our service into your website for crypto payment processing.

Step 3: Accepting crypto payments

Congratulations! You can now let your customers pay in cryptocurrency. Explore the benefits of accepting crypto payments with XAIGATE


The Guide to Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Works

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Low Crypto Processing Fee

XAIGATE charges competitive fees on cryptocurrency transactions. This is a valuable feature for clients who want to save money on processing fees.

No Monthly Cost

With our service, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there are no monthly fees.